Sunday, January 25, 2004

Post Date: Sun Jan 25, 10:00:06 AM

There is no doubt that marketers have been using the combination of sex and celebrity to sell movies and music. The Web just gives them another outlet to do this. It was interesting how Dr. Lambiase pointed out that fan sites have adopted conventions typically used on porn sites. It never really occurred to me that site features such as wallpapers, skins and photo galleries are conventions created by the online porn industry that made their way onto mainstream websites.

However, I don't think most of these fan sites realize that they're using these conventions or intentionally do so. Most fan sites are maintained by young teens and are part of communities or "web rings" that exchange content about their fave celebrities.

At the end of her introduction, Dr. Lambiase asserts that "fan sites challenge official sites to be as innovative and provocative as fan sites are." While this may be true, I think the official sites are responsible for this in some ways because they set the tone in terms of innovation and portray the sexualized images that are often provocative. In turn, the fan sites borrow these ideas and images and turn them into something bigger than before.

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